Please call Chrysalis Imagery at any time with questions!  We can customize a shoot to match your specific needs and a conversation is really the best way to give you what you want...952.856.0080.  If you prefer to skip this option, our photographer, Amelia, will be prepared with her own artistic vision for your session.  You may receive a questionnaire to help get her creative juices going.

In-Studio Portrait Session

Anticipate arriving at studio at the time you selected (or even a few minutes early).  You can park in the driveway, and yes, you are in the right place if you're in front of a "flat-roofed" prairie-style home.   

Our first goal is to get you comfortable in our small, but mighty, studio.  After we've spent a little time prepping, we will take pictures.  Our photographer plans:

  • 45 minutes, regular portrait sessions
  • 90 minutes, newborn sessions, recognizing baby will likely need some snuggle time

Following that, we will schedule a time for Chrysalis Imagery to assist with your order fulfillment and provide you with the next steps to ensure you receive the best value and products for your money.


On-Location Portrait Session
$159.00 $199.00

Select this option if you want Chrysalis Imagery to come to you and your special location.  We bring our equipment and find the perfect location in your home (or another favorite place (we have suggestions, too!)) to create wonderful memories.  This option is available in the Twin Cities metro area. This is a great option for:


  • Newborn Sessions - if you and baby aren't yet ready for public adventures
  • Seniors - we can even talk multiple locations, cuz, cool...
  • Family Portraits - who wants the hassle of all that it takes to come to Chrysalis Imagery studios?  This will be required for families larger than 5-6 people, as our studio is small (but impressive!)